How to fix the ‘cannot send or receive messages on your mac’ issue?

Many users face this issue whereby they are not able to send or receive any text
messages or the iMessages on Mac. If you too are facing this issue, then you
are at the right place. Here in this article, we are going to tell you how you can
troubleshoot the ‘cannot send or receive messages on your Mac’ issue.

The users report that when they try to send any message, they see a little
exclamatory mark next to the message, and also they cannot resend it.

If you are using the messages app on your Mac, you can easily send and
receive SMS text messages which are the normal text messages and iMessages
which is Apple’s messaging service.

If you wish to solve this issue where you are not able to send or receive
the message, just follow the steps mentioned below.

force quit

  • First of all, you need to force quit the messages app and then reopen it.
    To force quit the messages app, just choose the force quit from the
    apple menu present at the upper left corner on your screen. After that,
    choose Messages and click on Force quit. After doing force quit, you
    have to reopen the Messages app.

message fq

  • After that, you have to reboot your Mac. To do so, go to the Apple menu
    and choose restart tab.


  • Now, you have to sign out and then sign back in again. Open the
    messages app, and then choose Messages and Preferences from the
    Menu bar. After that, you have to press sign out.
  • Open the messages app and then sign back in using your Apple ID.
  • Go to the message preferences window and choose the Accounts tab.
    After that, choose iMessage and make sure that the box ‘enable this
    account’ is checked. If the box is not checked, you have to check it to
    proceed further.


  • Also, ensure that your Mac is connected to the internet. You can check
    this by loading any website. If your Mac is not having internet
    connectivity, try some basic troubleshooting tips like rebooting your
    Mac, your router as well as your Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Also, check your system’s date and time as it might be the cause of the
    trouble. Open the Apple menu and go to system preferences and after that choose Date & time. Choose your time zone and select the ‘set date
    and time automatically’. If it is already checked, just uncheck it and wait
    for some time and check it again. You may be prompted to enter the
    admin password if you find the checkbox is dimmed.

time and date

  • The send and receive account or basically your iMessage account should
    be same on both your Mac as well as your iOS device.
You may be facing the error due to the keychain problem. To resolve the
Keychain problem just follow the steps mentioned below –

Open the Keychain Access, choose File and lock keychain login.

Go to the file again and choose to unlock Keychain ‘login’.

You will be asked to enter your admin password.

By doing so, you will rebuild the keychain access which may solve your

In case you are still facing the issue, you can contact the Apple support to help
to solve this issue.

Updated: January 25, 2020 — 9:33 am

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